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What is provincial Russia? On the Internet, you can see a lot of Russian video clip from Moscow and St. Petersburg. They show the life of the two capital cities: government buildings, large urban areas, beautiful architecture, etc.

But in the Russian provinces, life is very different. Small towns and villages live a quiet and leisurely life. There are quite different rhythms and speeds, priorities and interests, desires and possibilities.

On this page we will begin to publish a new section of our website. Here you can see some art films from different places of provincial Russia. We plan to show the real life: large and small towns, villages, nature, people, animals and more. We hope that these videos will help you to get to know our country.

A frame from a video clip. Woodpecker

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Video shooting and all the videos made by the authors of this site. The quality of all clips Full HD. We wish you pleasant viewing!


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Small town
Small towns

Village Street
Russian village
Video Snapshot. Ship on the Volga River

In this video clip, you can see a great Russian river Volga. Two small provincial town located on different sides of the river (the Republic of Mari El and Chuvashia). On a river ferry people cross the river from one bank to another. Videographers made on the banks of the river and on the river ferry. The author - Mihail Mamontov, summer 2015. Camcorder - Panasonic HC-V230.

The video frame. Monument to Lenin

Statues of Lenin we can see now in many provincial cities in Russia. These old monuments were made in Soviet times. Now (June 2015) the sculpture of Lenin in the Russian provinces are usually in the same places, but gradually grow old and are destroyed. In this video clip, you can see some examples of such statues, sculptures and monuments. The author of this video - Mihail Mamontov. Used a camcorder Panasonic HC-V230.

For information on our other video you can see on the thematic pages of our site. For example, Russian summer landscapes, about nature - Beetles Cetonia aurata on flowers. Macro video, etc. In the future, we plan to make many other videos on various topics and add them to this section.

We wish you success!

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