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In the Russian provinces, towns and villages have war memorials. Russian people are very respectful of this historic and memorable places. The Soviet Union in 1941 ... in 1945 he participated in the Second World War, along with other countries of the anti-Hitler coalition.

Photo Gallery that is available on this page, dedicated to the theme of memory. Many countries have a lot of damage and killed people in those terrible years. The Soviet Union, too, was badly damaged in the war. The destruction was very large, and the number of dead soldiers, the elderly, women and children of many millions.

In modern Russia, the people revere the memory of all victims of that terrible war. Every year on May 9 about war memorials are held celebrations. There comes a lot of people of all ages and including war veterans. Since then, 70 years have passed, but the memory of it is saved.

The monument in the memorial park

Provincial war memorials in Russia

Here we present some photos of Russian villages, towns and cities. You can see small memorials and large memorial parks. Click on any image and you will see it in large size.


Our photos and video:

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We have great respect for everything that is connected with the war memorials. We hope that in the future people of the world learn to live without war.

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