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Trade in the Russian provinces. Photogallery


Trade shows many features of life in different countries. In our photogallery you will see some examples of the Russian provinces. Most of these images taken on the streets, in smaller markets, some large shopping centers and so on.

The most widespread street trade in Russia took place in the 90s of the last century. Many people in the provinces began to engage in small business. They traveled to Moscow or to other countries, there were buying goods and these goods were brought to his province for resale.

Currently, an increasing number of large shopping centers and supermarkets. Therefore, the number of small street vendors decreases. Maybe after a while we will not see in the Russian provinces such scenes, which are shown in our photos.

Street trading in a provincial town

Photogallery provincial trade in Russia

These are real images and scenes of life in the Russian regions. Common concerns and desires - buyers want to find and buy good products or food, and sellers want to sell your assortment. Click on any small image to view these images in large size.


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If all goes well, we will be here to add new images and video. The plans we have.

We wish you a successful trading and successful shopping!

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