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In this photo gallery we prepared for you images of sculptures and statues. Such monuments are placed on the streets in provincial Russia, parks, recreation areas and other public places.

Such cultural works of art made of different materials - plaster, metal, wood and more. Many statues are made during the Soviet period of Russian history, but in modern times also there are new statues that decorate our environment.

Some of the monuments are dedicated to well-known and respected historical figures, or promote a healthy lifestyle, or have only a decorative purpose and so on. For example, the theme of war, you can look at another page - War memorials. In our author's photos, we present typical examples of statues and sculptures, which are an integral part of the provincial urban landscape.

Sculpture in a provincial town

Our thematic photo gallery

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For a start, we have put on this page is only a small number of thematic photos. But this topic is very interesting, so in the future it should be expanded. In addition, we offer you another similar theme - Lenin statue in the Russian provinces.

We wish you success!

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