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In the Russian provinces, there are many villages. Some villages are developing successfully, while others gradually become empty and remain without inhabitant. We show in our photos and pictures, some features of these settlements. You can see the streets, roads, homes and pets.

People in the Russian villages are engaged mainly in agriculture and animal husbandry. Almost all the villagers grow vegetables and fruits for household plots, and many of them contain the animals and birds (chickens, geese, cows, sheep and others). Please see these photos.

Today many city dwellers are building large new homes in the villages to live in good ecological conditions. But the old buildings are also in place and you can see them in these photos.

Village Street. Russian province

Photos of the Russian village. Gallery

In this gallery we show mostly old village. Older homes, streets and roads. So many people live in provincial Russia, but many things in life is changing for the better. Click on any picture and you can see all the photos in large size.


Other our photos:


Street   Restoration of the church   Winter   Street-2   Village pond
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Country house   Street-3   Goats   Dirt road   Asphalt road
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The theme of the Russian village is very extensive. Therefore, we plan to add here a new photo and video. We hope that it will be interesting for you.

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