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This section of our site should have a certain amount of web pages. The provincial Russian people keep in their homes many pets. Therefore, we think it would be right if the photos for each pet placed on a separate Web page.

For example, here we place a photo of ordinary dogs, which can be found on the streets in provincial Russia. Of course, we like to do photography cats, because they are so funny and cute. All the fun that comes into the view of our camera - we try to show in these small galleries.

World of Animals in Russia is very diverse. Of course, we can not make a professional photo shoot in the forests, fields and mountains. Our task is much easier - we are amateur photographers, so catch the shot only those animals that come our way.

Horse in Russia. Holiday

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Dog close up
Cat in the hands of the owner
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Horse and foal
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We have a lot of photos of pets and animals. Of course, this section of the site will increase. We hope to add here an additional a number of different topics.

Good luck!

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