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The provincial Russian regions there are people of different nationalities and ages. This is a large and diverse world of Russia - men and women, boys and girls, children and elderly grandparents. Here you'll see the photos on this topic.

In our picture we want to show some examples from the life of provincial Russia. It is so simple and ordinary people who are engaged in serious business or fun holidays celebrate the events in your life, or something to think about.

People in Russia, as well as all over the world want peace of mind and confidence in the future. They need to learn and work, to buy food and a variety of other products, taking care of children and elderly parents, rest and travel to other countries of the world - all these are typical and common desires.

Provincial Russian man

Photos. Russian regions near the Volga River

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A resident of the province   Women dialog   Schoolgirl   Graduates   Girls
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If all goes well and we will be able, in this section of our website will certainly add new themed photos and videos. We would like to show a lot of pictures, but there is just not enough time.

Best wishes from Russia and good luck!

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