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In the provincial cities of Russia can meet different houses and homes. There are new buildings, which were made in recent times, as well as those that were built in the Soviet period and even earlier.

Many people in the Russian provinces live in apartment buildings. These homes are generally five or nine stories, several porches and few dozen apartments. Residents here have their own apartments or lease.

In addition, part of the provincial residents have their own individual houses. Old houses are small, but now new individual buildings have a large living area and 2 ... 3 floors. The main construction materials for walls - brick, concrete or wood.

Provincial apartment building

Provincial house and home

In this photo gallery, you can see the typical design features and appearance of homes in the Russian provinces. Click on the small image and view all of our authors photos in large size.


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We have a lot of pictures on the subject. These photos were taken in different cities of Russian provinces. Therefore, in the future we will be adding to this gallery new images and video.

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