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Russia is a big country, so the landscape in different provincial regions differ greatly from each other. In this photo gallery, we show you the ultimate nature, which is typical for the middle latitudes.

There are no high mountains, no tundra and deserts - such landscapes can be seen in other provinces of Russia. For the middle band is characterized vast fields, forests, many rivers and lakes. These are the author's image, we have prepared for you.

Each season has its own beauty. Therefore, these photos were taken in summer and winter. Landscapes are obtained very different - in the summer everything is covered growing plants and trees, and in winter snow falls and covers all the thick white layer.

Russia. Winter forest

Please, provincial landscapes of Russia

You can see these photos in large size. To do this, click on any small picture. And if you have the desire, you can see further our video - Russian summer landscapes around Volga River.


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Today it is all. Of course, we want to significantly increase this section of our site. Therefore, in the future there should be many new photos and videos. We hope that you will be able to see many new and beautiful landscapes of the provincial regions of Russia.

All the best to you and your family!

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