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The insects on the leaves and flowers.    

Insects macro. Photo Gallery from Russia


Russia has a large territory and the different climatic zones. So naturally there are a lot of different insects, birds, animals and other living things. Our copyrights macro photos will help you see the world of small beetles, dragonflies, ants, etc.

In this photo gallery, we show the different insects. They are all small in size, so consider them in detail is very difficult. The images are much larger than the real (natural) size. You can safely enjoy the look with all the features and details.

All these macro photo taken with the Canon EOS 600D camera and kit lens Canon 18-55mm IS II. All these macro photo made with Canon 600D camera and kit lens Canon 18-55mm IS I. This versatile lens can be used for various purposes, including for macro shooting.

Macro. A bee on a flower

Gallery. Samples of macro photos

If these photos you will appreciate how beautiful, we recommend that you additionally our short video where you can see more pictures of insects and other small objects - Canon 18-55mm IS II kit lens. Samples of macro photos and another video clip - Beetles Cetonia aurata on flowers. Click on any picture in the gallery and you'll see it in large size.


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Bee   Bugs on flowers   Dragonfly   Fly   Striped beetle
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Here's an interesting and beautiful the world is in the nature around us. We like to do macro photos of insects, so we hope that the number of images and video will increase.

Thanks for watching and good luck!

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