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In this photogallery, we have placed pictures on the theme of the provincial people's of lifestyle in Russia. What hobbies and interests are they? What do they like to do and what they devote their free time? What is fun Russian men, women and children of all ages?

Of course, the answer to these questions is not easy because people in Russia have many different interests and hobbies. Many of them are engaged in a variety of collective or individual creativity. Many adults and children love to make different products with their own hands. They love to play musical instruments, dance, addicted to photos and videos, sports, cooking and so on.

Beautiful Russian nature also attracts many people. They like to spend their free time on the rivers and lakes, forests and mountains. The number of private cars in Russia is growing every year, so close and distant road travel becomes more accessible.

Mushrooms of the forest

Our small photogallery of provincial Russia

In this photos we show examples of a hobby of people in Russia, as well as their vital interests. If you have never been in our country, you can see and learn some features of our provincial life. Select any picture and click the - the picture becomes large.


Our images:

Provincial people

The amateur songstress   Fishing   Wrestling   The old device for video   Two musicians
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Dance   Rest on the water   Mushrooms   Home cooking   Hockey
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Our website has been created not so long ago. So first we have placed here are a few images. But in the future the time we want to make this section more voluminous and informative. We hope that soon there will be new photos and videos from Russia.

We wish you good health and much happiness!

Provincial Russia  

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