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Many people in provincial Russia have small private gardens. In this our photo gallery we present this topic to your attention. Such individual garden plots are usually small in size (on average from 400 to 1,000 square meters). But this is enough for growing many fruits, berries and vegetables.

If people have their own individual house, the gardens are on the same plot. But if people live in apartment buildings, in this case for gardening use a separate piece of land. This section is usually located in a suburban area. You can get there on your own car or by public transport.

Older people in a provincial Russian gardening with great pleasure. But the younger generation does not do it very willingly. Young people prefer to buy fruits and vegetables in the shops, and his free time he likes to spend anyway.

Tomatoes in the greenhouse

Theme of individual gardens in our photo gallery

It placed the image of the middle regions of provincial Russia. Small garden houses, fruit trees and vegetables, winter, and so on - that is, information for those who are interested in gardening. Click on any small picture and you'll see it in large size.


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