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Fountains. Photogallery of Russian provincial cities


Fountains create an attractive appearance urban areas. Because in the Russian provinces, we can see them quite often. Use simple and complex designs, different materials and different location. All this decorated our city and make people more happy.

Some small fountains are located near public buildings, such as nearby shopping centers. Larger fountains have a lot of water jets and are located in urban areas or in parks. Sometimes these structures are mounted directly in natural waters (e.g., a lake or city water channel).

Of course, in the northern regions of Russia the working period lasts only a few months, and in the cold season, the fountains are turned off and not working. In warm regions, in the south of Russia, the operating period is much longer.

Fountain in Kazan

Some fountains in provincial Russia

In this small photo gallery, we present some examples of urban fountains, which are located in towns and cities Russian provinces (Kazan, Volzhsk and so on). If you click on any image, you can see a great photo and use the standard navigation tools to see all the pictures.


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In the future we want to place here more photos and videos. And while that's all. We hope that these architectural structures gave you a good mood.

Thanks for watching, and good luck!

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