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Photogallery. Dogs in the Russian provinces


In the provincial cities of Russia we meet on the streets of many dogs. Some of them are living in houses or apartments with their owners. These pets are beautiful, clean and combed. They walk on the streets or in the parks with their owners.

But in this small photogallery, you can see in the main photo of stray dogs that live on the streets, sleeping and hiding from the bad weather in different places. They look for food in garbage cans and eating all the food discarded.

Another feature in provincial Russia - many owners of homes and apartments to give birth to large dogs fighting breeds. In the morning and evening time, these people walk their pets without muzzles and sometimes without leashes. It is dangerous for other people.

Dog of the Russian province

Photos from Russia. Provincial dogs

It is a simple image, which are found in the provincial towns and villages every day. If you are interested, please, you can see the photogallery in large size (click on any small picture).


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Dogs are friends of man, so many people love them. We will additionally post here new images and video. We hope that you enjoy it.

We wish you a good mood!

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