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In this photo gallery, we show typical images of cats that live in the towns and villages of provincial Russia. It is common pets that each day meet us everywhere. They are loved by adults and children, so many families have such a cute cat.

Expensive and pedigreed cats are rare, exotic pets to require too much attention, cares and troubles. So basically provincial cats in Russia breed naturally, without selecting partners. Then get kittens of various colors and people are happy to take them to his house these furry handsome.

In these photos, which we show in our gallery, you can see the typical image. In different parts of the world live different species, which differ from each other. Here in provincial Russia live here such pets.

A typical cat from Russia

Typical cats. Photos from Russia

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We all love the little kittens and adult cats. We love to play with them and watch their amusing antics. After a while, there must be additional new images and video.

Good luck!

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