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Agreement for the users of our website


Attention! Information for visitors and users. We ask that you read the text and do not violate our terms.

We reserve the right at all times to take all necessary measures to address possible violations.

Perpetrators visitors can be brought to justice in accordance with general international law and the laws of individual states.


Our terms and conditions


1. We do not place on the site of any malware that could damage your computer or hamper its work. We ask that you also do not take any action for damages on our website or change its code.

2. You understand and agree that the content of our site is provided for your information, based on the principle of "as is." We are not responsible for non-compliance with your expectations, as well as for possible failures in the Internet services.

3. You understand and agree that the authors of the site have the copyright to all content and design. Illegal use of content and design of our site is prohibited.

4. You can easily save on your computer our photos and other content for your personal non-commercial purposes.

5. You can post on your nonprofit website some photos that are posted on our website, with the following conditions:

a. You can leave without changing the size of photos, or change them in accordance with the proportions of the width and height of the image.

b. You can publish on your non-profit website no more than three of our photos together.

c. You have to make a direct link to our site for each published photo.

d. You can not publish freely on the websites of our photos and pictures, if they show the faces of people and these people can be identified. This rule does not apply to the mass scenes with the participation of many people in public places (eg, pedestrians on the streets of the city).

6. For commercial use of our photos you can contact the authors of the site (see The authors of the site and contact information). We agree with you this question on mutually agreeable terms.

Warning! We are interested in cooperation with various foreign websites and other media. Besides the photos, which are already represented on our site, we can make other photos on various themes from the life of provincial Russia. Please contact us and we are ready to consider all your suggestions.


We hope for understanding and believe that these conditions do not seem to be too complicated or unacceptable.

If you have a disagreement with these terms, please leave our website and do not use them in the future.

Thank you for your interest in our website and good luck!


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