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Authors of the site and contact information


On this page, we present information about the authors of the site and the possibility of contact with us. The entire contents of our website - see page Site Map.

In addition, you can see here the copyright notice at the pictures and other content that are posted on our website.

Attention! On the page Agreement for the users you can read the conditions of use of our photos and other content that we offer to view.


The authors of the site


The author of this site is Mihail V. Mamontov (see photo at right). He serves as the site administrator and has all the copyrights and other rights to the content and design of this site.

The authors of the published photos and videos are M. Mamontov and some of his friends, the other Russian provincial amateur photographers (E. Ivanov, A. Remnev and so on). For each image in a large size, we show the author's surname. All photos published in coordination with their authors and M. Mamontov has the right to dispose of the photographs on behalf of their authors. Also in agreement with the authors M. Mamontov edited some of the photos in accordance with his own artistic taste and the overall design of this website.

Mihail Mamontov lives in the province of the Russian Federation (see below for contact information). Photo and video shooting is his hobby, and he uses a very simple digital camera. Currently, this Canon EOS 600D and Panasonic HC-V230. We ask you to bear in mind that the authors are not very good command of English, so apologize for any inaccuracies in the text.

The authors of the site are interested in working with individuals and companies on a basis which will be of mutual interest.

Contact Information


The site author lives in a small town Volzhsk, Mari El, Russia (on the Volga). You can contact us by email or by phone as indicated below.

Our e-mail: letter@russianphotos.ru

Our phone: +7 (83631) 64247 or +7 9278709874.

If you speak Russian, you can call us on these numbers at a convenient time (eg, from 9 am to 21 pm Moscow time). In other cases it will be convenient to write us an email in English or in Russian.

Best regards from Russia!

M. Mamontov
M. Mamontov
Provincial Russia  

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